things have been so bland

all i do is work, but i dont mind.

this weekend im driving to new jersey, going to bamboozle fest and to visit davids mom.

she recently moved there for her job.

i miss her a lot.

Im so stoked about May 30th.

THE FAINT is coming to the norva, ive never been so excited<3

i need someone new to hang with

ill be blunt...

1. fuck myspace.
2. fuck "friends" (they arent real)
3. fuck guys (who need to fuckign hear that they are hot from other girls besides their girlfriend to fucking feel good)
4. fuck life (what the hells the point anymore?)
5. fuck all you motherfucking people who think your so fucking cool and so much better than anyone else because u fucking go to shows and pretend to be fucking cool by being a bitch to everyone. Noone fucking cares who you do or dont like so why dont yoyu fucking chill out...stop fucking causing ur 13 year old drama and fucking go to the damn shows for THE FUCKING MUSIC not the damn fights and for the fucking drama. you are all pathetic...all you do is fucking go to fight and beat each other up!
ya kno some of us fucking go to see the bands and YOU fucking ruin it for the ones who want to actually stay to see the main band by making the fucking show end. FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS.

people used to be fucking tight.
everyone used to be about fucking unity.
and the ones who started going to shows at first all took each other in and it was all about fucking going and having a good time with people who like similar things as you do.
BUT NOOO now all you motherfuckers gotta bring it back to the fucking highschool days...and fucking cause ur shit.

your fucking pathetic.
grow the fuck up.

OH and as for guys...they are fucking stupid motherfucking retards.

every girl should go lesbo.


lie to me, give me something worth living for
tell me a reason worth fighting for
give me anything, anything to keep me breathing....


My b day is in 5 days exactly.
i get to be old now! =]
Me and david solved everything.
arent relationships suppose to have bumps in them?
i mean if all relationships were perfect....
they would have no meaning... or emotion.
i think being upset shows that you actually care about the person enough.
to get upset when somthing doesnt go as planned.
I mean and like melisa told me..
"if a relationship was perfect what would be the point? fighting for what you love most makes it that much more worth it in the end."
and i definatly belive that.
I love that boy. and no one will ever change that.

whats everyone gettin me for my sweet 19 ;) haha